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Trading Process

Our trading process is simple and very easy to use:

  • Once your account is activated, you get your own designated Dealer. A dealer is a person or an institution who helps you place orders and manage your account. A dealer also makes sure that timely Pay In and Pay Out occurs in your account, so that you trade stress free! You don't have to worry about managing anything at all.

  • To place an order, you can simply call or text your designated dealer. A dealer places the order in the live system and you receive two OTP's one on your mobile phone and other on your email id. Unless, you confirm the order through both the OTP's, the system does not start the process of matching your order. Hence, no false trades can happen through your account. Once verified, the order is matched in our Live Order Book

  • Your dealer has full freedom to provide you credit or lend you money for executing a trade. Most of the dealers borrow funds directly from us and they lend you back. A dealer cannot have a spread of more than 0.50% while borrowing money from us and lending it to you. The maximum interest rate charged by us is 23.00% per annum for the amount utilized by you.

  • When a trade is executed, you receive an instant email confirmation and your dealer receives the live status of your account.

  • BitLux OTC provides US $2 million insurance on every account. Hence, you don't have to worried about any misconduct by your dealer. All dealers in our network are verified and they place adequate security with us (Both fiat and crypto).


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